Important Notices

Jun 5, 2023

ALERT: Fake Information about MBA Student Recruitment

There has been an incident in which an agent in China who appears to be an intermediary company, is mentioning Osaka Metropolitan University and posting advertisements on the internet that seem to be recruiting students in partnership with us. Please note that this information is fake and misleading.

The OMU Graduate School of Business does NOT offer any program, project or “MBA Course” called “On-site MBA Program in China” or “Graduate School of Business MBA Project”.

In addition, OMU does NOT outsource student recruitment to third parties such as overseas intermediary companies.If you have been victimized by this scam, such as being misled into paying registration fees, please consult the police.

Contact information

International Relations Division
E-mail: gr-int [at]

Graduate School of Business
E-mail: gr-kyik-bus [at]

*Please change [at] to @.

Contact in Chinese Language:

OMU Shanghai Office (Shanghai Liaison)
E-mail: c.daban [at]

*Please change [at] to @.

Shanghai Liaison