Shaping Future Society from Osaka through Convergence of Knowledge OMU VISION 2030

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Shaping Future Society from Osaka through Convergence of Knowledge OMU VISION 2030 Trees of Knowledge OMU Osaka Metropolitan University VISION 2030 PROCESS Three aims To achieve these three aims, OMU has established Visions in six areas: Vision1 Joint Development of Society Vision2 Education Vision3 Research Vision4 Medical Care Vision5 International Collaboration Vision6 Governance Three aims To become a university that will shape the society of the future through Convergence of Knowledge, Osaka Metropolitan University (OMU) has set these three aims. Aim1 Creating a ‘Center of Knowledge’:Through the promotion of world-class education and research, we will create a “center of knowledge” that will contribute to the development of Osaka and the world by nurturing diverse specialist knowledge and using Convergence of Knowledge organically formed through such activities. Aim2 Tackling Social Issues:Through the promotion of diversity in education and research, while collaborating with stakeholders, we will foster innovations aimed at solving social issues. Aim3 Contributing to Sustainability:By realizing a sustainable Osaka through the implementation of Convergence of Knowledge and disseminating this knowledge to the world, we will contribute to solving local to global issues such as the environment, medicine and health, food supply, energy, and population.
  1. Vision1

    Joint Development of Society

    Established in Osaka as one of the largest public universities in Japan, we will strengthen our ties with government and all types of communities and industries, using the university’s knowledge to solve various regional issues, and contributing to the health and welfare of the people and the improvement of their well-being.

    Action plan

    • Expand joint development among industry, academia, public and private sectors through promotion of our Innovation Academy project.
    • Enhance support for startups toward solving local issues.
    • Enrich lifelong learning through an open campus and offer educational programs for all stages of life.
    • Promote archiving of knowledge by enhancing library functions and preserving university-related materials.
    • Establish educational and research organizations for the realization of a sustainable society.
  2. Vision2


    We will nurture individuals who have the ability to question the essence of things and have problem-solving skills from the perspectives acquired by both advanced expertise and broad interdisciplinary experiences, and the ability to design the society of the future by collaborating with others.

    Action plan

    • Enhance specialized education and promote cross-disciplinary/interdisciplinary education.
    • Improve learning effectiveness by using hybrid online and in-person education.
    • Foster skills in digital technology and data application through practical data science education.
    • Enhance educational programs toward solving social issues through joint development among industry, academia, public and private sectors.
    • Enhance financial support and career path development for doctoral students.
    • Establish support systems for a diverse student body and foster students who respect diversity.
  3. Vision3


    We will promote world-class fundamental/applied research and interdisciplinary research centered on the exploration of academic principles, aiming to become an internationally competitive research university, and take on the challenge of solving social issues.

    Action plan

    • Promote fundamental research and create new social value by using Convergence of Knowledge.
    • Prioritize support toward building a world-leading research center.
    • Foster the coming generation of researchers and provide comprehensive support for seeds of next-generation research.
    • Enhance education and research environment to enable researchers who are women to demonstrate their abilities.
    • Improve research environment through promotion of shared use of advanced research infrastructure.
    • Enhance support system for research results to be implemented in society.
  4. Vision4

    Medical Care

    By making use of cutting-edge medical knowledge, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by nurturing leading medical professionals and providing high-quality, patient-oriented medical care.

    Action plan

    • Develop highly specialized medical professionals who have a global mindset and are team players.
    • Promote advanced medical research.
    • Provide patient-oriented, state-of-the-art medical care that is safe and of high quality.
    • Enhance the health care system by strengthening cooperation with medical institutions and communities in the region.
    • Generate medical technology and medical products through joint development among industry, academia, public and private sectors.
    • Establish new educational and research organizations to promote interdisciplinary drug discovery research.
  5. Vision5

    International Collaboration

    By building an international education and research network, we will contribute to solving global issues by promoting the circulation of knowledge and cultivate global leaders who can advance mutual understanding around the world.

    Action plan

    • Develop international education programs to attract students from across the globe.
    • Advance the internationalization of campuses and enhance support systems for international students.
    • Promote international collaboration on research through expansion of international research networks.
    • Construct a global entrepreneurship hub.
  6. Vision6


    Under the president’s leadership, we will innovate our university’s administrative structure by advancing the establishment of a diversified financial base and strategic allocation of resources.

    Action plan

    • Achieve diversity.
    • Establish a diversified financial base to support the university’s social contributions and growth.
    • Strategic investment of campus resources built upon university’s institutional research.
    • Strengthen alumni network and foster new university supporters.
    • Promote strategic education and research activities through university-wide digital transformation.