Research Overview

Life is an integrated system consisting of multi-layered functions driven by the coodination of an infinite number of biomolecules. Our research group is trying to clarify the roles of biomolecules such as proteins and metabolites with their corresponding genes in an organism or in interactions among organisms. We focus on the acquisition and utilization of genetic information on organisms along with the functional analysis of biomolecules unique to each species, and the comprehensive analysis of dynamic changes in metabolism. Our ultimate goal is to provide key bio-based technologies to accelerate the establishment of a sustainable society. We elucidate the survival strategies inherited by organisms at the molecular leve, thereby implementing innovative technologies to agriculture independent of synthetic chemicals. Also, we commit to evaluate the safety of crops produced by new breeding techniques by multi-omics analysis, contributing to their wide use as food.


Lipid metabolism     Carbohydrate metabolism     Secondary (specialized) metabolism     Metabolomics     Biofuel     Bioproductoin     Symbiosis     Parasitism    Plant protection     Food security     New breeding techniques     Food safety Bioeconomy     International collaborative research     Global issues