About UReC

As a leading interdisciplinary research hub, we bridge urban challenges like a modern think tank:

The Urban Resilience Research Center (UReC) integrally assumes three roles: education, research, and social contribution. Collaborating with internal and external departments and institutions, it functions as an interdisciplinary research organization that fulfills certain aspects of an urban think tank's responsibilities.

Modern cities face a myriad of risks and crises. UReC consolidates knowledge and resources from both within and outside the academic sphere. By fostering collaboration between industry, government, academia, and the public, it establishes platforms related to urban risk management and governance and undertakes comprehensive initiatives in education, research, and social contribution.

Simultaneously, as a hub for urban science and disaster research both nationally and internationally, UReC strives for the construction of inclusive, safe, and resilient cities and the realization of sustainable living environments. Throughout this endeavor, the center promotes the deepening of scientific insights and the development of theories to address various challenges. It will widely share and disseminate its results with both local communities and on the global stage.

Moreover, focusing on the future, UReC emphasizes the cultivation of experts equipped with the capacity to adequately address the risks and crises that urban areas face. At the same time, in cooperation with administrative agencies, private organizations, and residents, it drives practical efforts to realize a sustainable urban future and continues to contribute to this cause.