Five Core Initiatives:

1. Urban Research

Focus Areas: Inclusive Asian Urban Studies, Disaster Prevention, Conflict Management.
Address key urban challenges such as declining birthrates, aging populations, poverty, social exclusion, and the multicultural complexities arising from population migration. Additionally, focus on the increasing complexity of disaster risks due to environmental changes.

2. Researcher and Expert Development

Offerings: Practical Seminars, Disaster Prevention Roundtables, Expert Training.
Foster interdisciplinary collaboration, mentorship for emerging talents, and the cultivation of leaders skilled in comprehensive disaster prevention planning. Explore multicultural challenges with a focus on foreign residents.

3. Community Building

Projects: Downtown Engagement Spaces, Social Inclusion Initiatives, Disaster Prevention Expert Networks.
Address urban relational deficits by establishing platforms for dialogue and engagement. Build networks among administrations, businesses, schools, and NPOs centered on community and disaster prevention.

4. Societal Collaboration

Focus Areas: Urban Culture Advancement, Global Urban Networks, Local Disaster Prevention.
Engage in collaborative research on urban development and disaster prevention across Asian cities. Strengthen domestic ties with municipalities for policy support and foster partnerships with NPOs for on-ground research and action.

5. Research Infrastructure Development

Assets: Urban Resource Library, Historical Photo Archives, Disaster Education Museum.
Produce and distribute urban research publications, and curate a comprehensive collection of resources including historical images and disaster education materials for both academic and community applications.