Eddy covariance data at urban areas in Sakai

M. Ueyama


For understanding greenhouse gases, heat, and energy exchange in urban area, we have conducted continuous observations using the eddy covariance technique in three urban locations (the dense urban built-up, sub-urban, and urban park) in Sakai, Osaka, Japan.

Study sites and period

SAC (34o34’25’’N, 135o28’59’’E) : dense urban built-up (2009.11 - now)

IZM (34o33’48’’N, 135o22’01’’E) : urban park (2015.02-2016.01)

OPU (34o32’50’’N, 135o30’10’’E) : suburban area (2014.12 – now for the eddy covariance; 2008 – now for meteorology)

SAC.Eddy-300x225 IZM.Eddy-300x225 OPU.Eddy2
SAC : Sakai City Office IZM : Oizumi Urban Park OPU : Osaka Prefecture Univ.


SAC data from 2014.01 to 2016.01 uploaded at 2017.03.06

IZM data from 2015.01 to 2016.03 uploaded at 2017.03.06

OPU data from 2014.01 to 2016.01 uploaded at 2017.03.06

CO2 emission map in Sakai uploaded at 2017.03.06

GUI-based OHM (Objective Hysterisis Model) software for MS windows uploaded at 2019.09.18

Read me uploaded at 2017.03.06 We would like to know about the type of research for which our data will be used, and to check for a possible overlapping with our current on-going research. In some cases, we may request some coordination of the publications, or a co-authorship in the research. When your work is published using the data we provided, please notify us and send us a copy of the publication. If you need additional supporting data for this site, please let me know the following address. Masahito UEYAMA : miyabi-flux (at) muh.biglobe.ne.jp


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Funding This project was supported by the Sumitomo Foundation (143205) and Nissei Foundation grants for Environmental Problems (H21).