Welcome to the website of Laboratory of Plant Nutrition!

Our lab is one of 10 labs within the Department of Agricultural Biology in Osaka Metropolitan University.
Dr. Junpei TAKANO team is focusing on regulation and intracellular localization of mineral transporters using techniques of cell and molecular biology.
Dr. Atsushi MATSUMURA team is studying and developing effective crop-production systems in the fields.
Our aim is to understand the adaptive mechanisms of plants to various soil conditions and to apply the knowledges to establish low-input sustainable agriculture.

Laboratory of Plant Nutrition,
Osaka Metropolitan University,
Gakuen-cho 1-1, Naka-ku, Sakai, Osaka
599-8531, JAPAN
Tel: +81-72-254-9406 (Takano),
+81-72-254-9521 (Matsumura)
E-mail: jtakano[at]omu.ac.jp