For industry to become more competitive and produce the innovations that will result in a sustainable society, there is a strong need for postdoctoral research professionals capable of exercising global leadership. In particular, it has become increasingly important to have the ability to conceive of strategies that are both multidisciplinary and hierarchically integrated, able to comprehend needs identified from a social scientific perspective without the limitations of any particular field.

“This Program for Leading Graduate Schools aims to nurture ‘system-inspired leaders in multidisciplinary science’ who can conceive of research strategies that lead to new value creation (innovation) through a combination of multidisciplinary thinking that sees across numerous fields, and hierarchical integration that unifies the many levels within a given field.”

Pictures of Human Resources to be nurtured

The fundamental aim of this program is to train professionals who, for the purpose of building and growing a sustainable society, bring innovation to industry by creating new value that transcends individual fields. We cultivate professionals with the following qualities:

  1. Fundamental academic competence that enables them to lead in specialized fields
  2. Holistic perspective that enables them to see across a diverse range of academic disciplines, not just a single field of expertise
  3. Design ability that enables them to construct research strategies in a multidisciplinary and hierarchically integrated way
  4. The ability to think and act in ways that link basic research to industrial innovation
  5. Organizational and leadership skills that enable them to organize and motivate diverse human resources toward the achievement of objectives
  6. Management skills that enable them to manage and execute R&D strategies
  7. The ability to communicate internationally to assert one’s own ideas in the world


Support Systems

  • System of individual mentoring by people with experience as corporate executives
  • Support for corporate internships and career paths through the Center for Advanced Education of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a university-wide organization with a proven track record of sending many doctoral researchers to industry
  • Financial support for living and other expenses through various support programs for doctoral students
  • Disbursement of independent joint research funds that students manage on their own
  • Full support for overseas research study expenses

Course overview and features

The Leading Program course offers a unique five-year curriculum designed to help students acquire the skills necessary to become “system-inspired leaders in multidisciplinary science” (see the curriculum for details). Students select classes and improve their skills according to their own coursework plan. Student progress is evaluated at each stage using a qualification evaluation system (QE, Defense) to ensure the quality of student learning outcomes.

Students who complete this program alongside their graduate school’s doctoral program will have “System-inspired Leaders in Multidisciplinary Science Program Completed” inscribed on their doctoral degree.

Course overview and features

Graduate Schools Offering This Program (2022)

  • Graduate School of Engineering

  • Graduate School of Science

  • Graduate School of Agriculture

  • Graduate School of Sustainable System Sciences

  • Graduate School of Informatics

  • Graduate School of Rehabilitation Science

  • Graduate School of Human Life and Ecology