Feb 20, 2024

Call for Joint Research Project Proposals - 2024

Urban Resilience Research Center (UReC), Osaka Metropolitan University is certified as one of the Joint Usage/Research Centers by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) under the name of Platform for Leading-edge Urban Studies.  In this connection, UReC has been striving to enrich research network both internationally and domestically with extramural research partners in order to promote leading-edge urban studies.  Accordingly, we would like to invite proposals for Joint Research Projects as detailed below.

We value practice-oriented research projects with interdisciplinary approaches, for example, those aimed at policy recommendations, regional cooperation, science-humanity integration, or fusion of knowledge accumulated in different fields.  Especially, we would highly appreciate the proposals to actively utilize the research resources including human ones that the former Urban Research Plaza and the present center have accumulated, to bridge between oversea and domestic urban studies using our satellite offices situated within and outside Japan, and to contribute to the reinforcement of the present platform through collaboration among various research institutions.

1. Categories of Research Fields and Examples of Project Title

①    Leading-edge Urban Studies
 -    “Action Research on Poverty and Exclusion in East Asian Countries” 
 -    “Comparative Studies on Families and Care in East Asian Countries,”
②    Research on Community Disaster Management
 -    “Development of a Community Disaster Preparedness Assessment Methodology”
 -    “Regional Comparison of Community Disaster Management Activities”
③    Research on Conflict Management
 -    “Consensus Building on Facility Conflicts” 
 -    “Development of Comprehensive Consultation in Collaboration with Local Residents and Professionals”

*The above examples do not mean to preclude dissimilar research projects. Not only that, applicants are expected to propose original ones. This especially holds true for (1) "Leading-edge Urban Studies."
See also the past selection list. For example:

    • Building a village-urban co-creation system to maintain indigenous culture and community
    • Action Research for building of Practical Model in Cities: Focus on Support Systems and Creating of Place of Mutual Care
    • A Case Study of Cultural Practices in Kamagasaki: Picture Story Theater Troup, Musubi
2.    Planned Number of Adoptions

A few, i.e., three to five, proposals

3.    Research Project Period

Apr. 1, 2024 - Dec. 31, 2024
*The outcome of adopted projects must be reported in the designated meeting held by UReC within the same fiscal year.

4.    Subsidies Granted to Adopted Projects

Up to JPY 500,000 for each adopted project
*Requirement stated in the proposal may not be fully granted met, depending on the number of adoption and budgetary limitations.

5.    Qualifications for Application

Each prospective principal researcher must have formed a research group consisting of five members or more, who are expected to be researchers affiliated with universities or academic institutions, administrative officers, business organizations.  At least one of those members must be a researcher affiliated with UReC listed in the Appendix (of the Application Guidelines).  Therefore, applicants must obtain prior agreement from one of these researchers to participate in the planned research group.

6.    Selection Process

The selection committee of Platform for Leading-edge Urban Studies will screen applications, and then notify adoption or rejection to every group by Mar. 29 (Fri.).

7. Application Procedure

①    Download the application format from: https://www.omu.ac.jp/orp/urec_e/info/updates/entry-46377.html

②    Application period: Mar. 4 (Mon.) – Mar. 18 (Mon.)
③    Submit to: E-mail: urec-joint_office[at]ml.omu.ac.jp. Only a file in both Word and PDF formats sent via email with an explicit title is acceptable.
④    Address for inquiries

Office of Platform for Leading-edge Urban Studies, 
Urban Resilience Research Center, Osaka Metropolitan University
Sugimoto 3-3-138, Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka City, 558-8585 Japan
Tel: (+81)-06-6605-2071, Fax: (+81)-06-6605-2069
E-mail: urec-joint_office@ml.omu.ac.jp