次世代[リゾーム]プログラム 選考情報/Recruitment for SPRING


【募集終了】2023年春選考 [2023 Spring: Closed] Application Guidelines


2023年度 春選考 次世代研究者挑戦的研究プログラム事業

「次世代研究者挑戦的研究プログラム事業(リゾーム型研究人材育成プログラム)」 プログラム生を募集します。

2023 Spring Recruitment starts for Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation/SPRING (Program for Developing Human Resource with Rhizome-based Research Approach/Rhizome Program). Application Guidelines are now available. (Japanese followed by English)

NEW! 大学フェローシップ事業で、2023年度に4年制研究科(医学研究科・獣医学研究科)に入学予定の方の応募が可能となりました。(1月18日更新) 詳しくはこちらをご覧ください。なお、本プログラムの応募要件には変更はありません。
NEW! Students enrolling in four-year doctoral course in 2023 (Medicine and Veterinary Science) are now eligible to apply for the Fellowship Programs. (Updated on January 18th) Please visit here for details. Application Requierements have been unchanged for this SPRING (Rhizome Program). 





[PDF] プログラム説明資料(スライド)

[PDF] プログラム説明資料(説明用ノート付)

[VIDEO] プログラム説明資料(音声付きビデオ): 約17分




[PDF] 比較表 2023年1月18日更新



[PDF] 出願資格及び募集定員の一覧 2023年1月18日更新




[PDF] 応募競争率


■出願期間: 2023120日(金)~131日(火) 12 時 (申請フォーム入力期限)

        2023120日(金)~131日(火) 15 時 (小論文・写真提出期限)

■面接試験: 2023214日(火)~32日(木)のいずれか 1

■合格発表: 2023317日(金)

■選考方法: 小論文(100点)ならびに面接(100点)の採点結果に基づき評価します。







3.申請先 (出願期間前・後の申請は受け付けませんのでご注意ください)



1) 本募集要項は、2023年度の従前想定予算を前提としています。事業予算が正式に確定した段階で、支援内容が変更される可能性があります。

2) 本事業に出願する場合には、大学フェローシップ創設事業に出願することはできません。万が一、両事業に出願していることが明らかになった場合には、審査前に、いずれか一方の出願を取り下げていただきます。

3) 「科学技術イノベーション創出に向けた大学フェローシップ創設事業」も同時募集しております。











[Program Description Materials]

Be sure to review these description materials.

Be sure that you fully understand the objectives of this program by reviewing these description materials before applying. Please read "Q&A" session  as well at the end of the materials.

[VIDEO] Program Descriptions (slides in English)

[PDF] Program Descriptions (with text)

[PDF] Program Descriptions (video with audio): Approx. 15 minutes

[Comparison Chart between SPRING and Fellowship Program]

Simplified comparison chart between SPRING and Fellowship Program is disclosed here for you reference.
See Application Guidelines for details.
Note: Research Dedication Support Payment (equivalent to living expenses) in the Fellowship Program will be raised to 2 million yen in FY 2023.

[PDF] Comparison Chart  Revised on January 18th 

[Applicable Students and Departments]

Please find Applicable students and Departments for your reference.

[PDF] Applicable Students and Number to be Accepted  Revised on January 18th


[Applicant Competition Ratio at 2022 Summer Selection (FYI)]

Please find attached data for the Applicant Competition Ratio at 2022 Summer Selection which is the number of applied students divided by the number of students to be accepted. New recruitment for the students starting in April 2023 only. Vacancies recruitment is not included.
Even if you are not accepted in your first-choice program, you may have a chance to be accepted in your second or third choice program. If there are programs that you are eligible to apply for, you are encouraged to fill in second and third choice programs in the Application Forms.
See Application Guidelines for second and third choice application details.

[PDF] Competition Ratio

[Selection Schedule]

Application period:  Jan 20 (Tue) Jan 31 (Tue), 2023 12:00 JST (Forms Application)

                                          Jan 20 (Tue) – Jan 31 (Tue), 2023 15:00 JST (Essay and Photo submission)

Interview test:           One day between Feb 14 (Tue) and Mar 2 (Thu), 2023

Announcement of acceptance: Friday, March 17, 2023

Selection method: Evaluation will be based on the scoring results of the essay (100 points) and the interview (100 points). Scoring will be carried out according to the Rubric Evaluation Table.


[Application Guidelines and Documents]

For application guidelines and application documents, please check and download them from the link below.

1.Application Guidelines

2.Form 1 (Essay format)

3.Application Forms (* Please note that applications before and after the application period will not be accepted)

4.Rubric Evaluation Table


*1) Contents are based on the previously estimated budget for FY2023. The contents of support may change once the project budget is officially finalized.

*2) University Fellowship Founding Project for Innovation Creation in Science and Technology

Applicants applying for this program may not apply for the University Fellowship Founding Project for Innovation Creation in Science and Technology (Fellowship Program). If you apply for both programs, you must withdraw one of your applications prior to selection process.

*3) We also start recruitment for a "University Fellowship Founding Project for Innovation Creation in Science and Technology" at the same time. For details, please see the website below.

“University Fellowship Founding Project for Innovation Creation in Science and Technology” website



If you have any questions, please contact the Rhizome Program Support Office below.


* Please replace [at] with @ before sending email.