主な対象動物は、反芻動物(牛、緬山羊など)と馬です。本学の獣医臨床教育に理解と賛同を頂いている動物飼養施設や臨床獣医師との連携協力体制のもと、臨床教育(診療注1) 、講義・実習)を行います。




Department of Large Animal Clinical Medicine

Our laboratory

 Our laboratory has started since April 2021. We conduct clinical education and research through interaction with large animal breeding facilities and veterinary clinicians. Our students are learning “the basics of veterinary medicine" through the activities of the laboratory.

Our mission (Clinical Education and Research)

 The main animals for our education and research are ruminants (cattle, sheep, goats, etc.) and horses. Clinical education (medical treatment1), lectures and practical training) has been conducted in collaboration with animal breeding facilities and veterinary clinicians who understand and agree with our veterinary clinical education.

1)We provide PRIMARY veterinary medical care and HERD HEALTH programme to the animal breeding facilities with cooperative educational relationship, SECONDARY veterinary medical care requested by NOSAI, and COLLABORATIVE veterinary medical care with EQUINE veterinary practitioners.

To students interested in our laboratory

 Students need to meet with our laboratory members and ask any questions you may have. We can also provide consultation for students who are interested in large animal medicine regardless of their affiliation with our laboratory. We are looking for motivated graduate students. Please feel free to contact us.