Volume 13, Jul 22

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Merits and demerits in the study of ukiyo-e: Issues stemming from how ukiyo-e is regarded in modern Japan

The Literature of Migrant Women in the Postcolonial Period: On the Writings of First-Generation Korean Women in Japan

Effects of Social Capital on Residents’ Interest in Community Revitalization in an Isolated Island: Focusing on the Difference between Locals and Migrants on Rebun Island, Japan

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Volume 12, Jul 21

Table of Contents


Developing and Evaluating a Scoring Rubric for Argumentative Essays: A Module-Based Approach (2.5MB)

Special Topic

Introduction: Military Affairs and Modern Society in the Media: Journals, Advertising Design, Public Relations and Museums (534KB)

Article 1. Prussian Military Reforms and the Berliner Landwehr in Local News during the Wars of Liberation, 1813-1815 (675.2KB)

Article 2. Civil Society and the Army from Family Magazines during the German Empire: Army Representation in the Family Magazine Die Gartenlaube and Daheim (633.7KB)

Article 3. Public Relations Exercises of Firma Krupp in Japan at the End of the 19th Century: The Shooting test and Nichi-Doku-Kōgyō-Kōkoku (2.2MB)

Article 4. Public Relations of the Japanese Navy in the Prewar Period: The Case of Boarding a Warship (634KB)

Article 5. Museum as Propaganda: War Exhibitions in Britain during the First World War (986.4KB)

Article 6. The Influence of Early 20th-Century German Advertising Design on the Modernization of Japanese Advertising from 1921 to 1922 (3.6MB)

Editorial Note (501.9KB)