Features of Education

Educational Objective

To foster a strong sense of ethics, rich humanity, and the ability to support the health and well-being of people

Diploma Policy

  • Ability to understand people as a whole
  • Ability to act with a sense of ethics
  • Ability to practice nursing with appropriate judgment and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to connect care


  • Ability to explore nursing
  • Ability to improve oneself
  • Ability to contribute to the local community and the international community




Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for diverse career paths and to develop nursing professionals with the ability to practice “co-creative nursing,” which seeks to create value in nursing care through collaboration with patients and other healthcare professionals, and with the creative ability to integrate care and science.

Features of the Curriculum

  • Subjects are offered that allow students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and judgment necessary to practice nursing.
  • Subjects are offered that encourage students to be oriented toward co-creative nursing.
  • Subjects are offered that integrate care and science and inspire students to be academically oriented.
  • Our curriculum is designed to respect the independence of students and allow them to study autonomously in a small group.
  • Specialized subjects emphasize the relevance of a series of lectures, seminars, and practical training.
  • Our curriculum allows students to take some subjects offered by the Graduate School to encourage them to go on to graduate school.


Development of nursing professionals with rich sensitivity

We will foster nursing professionals with a broad education and ethical attitude, rich humanity, the ability to judge based on scientific thinking, and advanced practical skills with a well-rounded curriculum.

Development of nursing professionals with rich sensitivity


Realization of diverse career paths

Students can choose the direction of their learning from the two courses: the Advanced Care Science Course and the Practical Nursing Science Course. We will develop nursing professionals who have basic academic orientation and independence and can contribute to the development of nursing.

Realization of diverse career paths


Licenses/qualifications and examination qualifications that can be obtained on graduation

  • Qualification for taking the National Nurse Examination
  • Class-1 School Nurse Teacher License*


*Subjects required to earn the School Nurse Teacher License and the Teacher Certificate need to be completed.