Vision of the Research Center for BNCT (RC-BNCT)

Elemental Technologies Supporting BNCT and the OMU RC-BNCT

This center is engaged in the following research and social activities through industry-academia-government co-creation as a hub for R&D on boron agents that serve as the basis for greater innovations in BNCT and a wider scope of applications.

Research on Boron Agents
  • Development of new boron agents
    Molecular design, exploratory synthesis, and biological evaluation of dodecaborate-containing molecular targeted boron agents with both tumor selectivity and advanced tumor accumulation
  • R&D for Theranostics boron drug effective for both clinical and PET cancer diagnostics for BNCT
  • Synthesis and evaluation of membrane-penetrating boronated peptides and antibodies that selectively accumulate in intracellular organelles
  • DDS of boron drugs by extracellular vesicle exosomes
Research on FBPA, a Boron Probe for PET
  • Development of new synthetic methods and equipment for 18FBPA using the F-minus method
  • Pharmacokinetics of 18FBPA
Information Sharing and International Exchange
  • Holding BNCT Nakamozu Seminars
Joint Research Promotion and Trainee Programs
  • Promotion of joint research with universities inside and outside Japan, acceptance of trainees

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Facilities & Equipment