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第135回 生物科学フロンティアセミナー:2023年11月13日(月)11:00~12:00

Cyclohexylalanine-containing alpha-helical amphipathic peptide with eukaryotic cell penetrating ability targets cardiolipin and rescues mitochondrial dysfunction

Prof. Jaehoon Yu  (Department of Chemistry & Education, Seoul National University, Korea)

日時:令和5 年11 月13 日(月)11:00~12:00

場所:中百舌鳥キャンパス A13 棟 323 号室(講義室B)

 Mitochondrial dysfunction is a major attrition of various degenerative diseases. One cause of mitochondrial dysfunction is destruction of the cristae structure promoted by cardiolipin (CL) remodeling of the inner mitochondrial membrane (IMM). Thus, protection of the cristae structure and CL pathological remodeling could be a plausible approach to retain the function or reverse dysfunction of mitochondria. In a study aimed at identifying substances that block reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation against mitochondrial dysfunction, a library of cyclohexalanine-containing cell-penetrating a-helical amphipathic “bundle” peptides were synthesized and screened. One member of the library, CMP3013, was found to preferentially bind to aberrant and damaged mitochondria, and block destruction of the cristae structure caused by treatment with hydrogen peroxide or other damaging agents.

(世話人・中瀬 生彦)