The ever-evolving field of modern biology is full of opportunities for significant discoveries.

Biology is a rapidly evolving discipline. The goal of our department is to bring together faculty and students to make “discoveries” in biology. The “problem solving skills” that are cultivated in the process of discovery will become an asset for each student, not only in biology but also in solving all kinds of problems. Our department conducts cutting-edge research in a wide range of fields, from molecular function and biophysics for biomolecules to molecular biology, cell biology, developmental biology, and physiology for cells and organs, as well as ecology and evolutionary biology for individuals and populations. To acquire more advanced knowledge and skills, students are recommended to enter the Master’s course. Additionally, the department trains students to be active in government offices, educational institutions, and private companies in various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutics and medicine, chemical production, cosmetics and household goods, information processing, education, and publishing.

Laboratories & Staffs

Biomolecular Function Ryoji MASUI (rmasui@)

Molecular Physiology

Akihisa TERAKITA (terakita@)
Mitsumasa KOYANAGI (koyanagi@)

Molecular Microbiology

Ken-ichi FUJITA (fujita@)
Yoshihiro YAMAGUCHI (yyamaguchi@)

Environmental Biology Hayato TOKUMOTO (hokumoto@)
Shizue YOSHIHARA (s.yoshihara@)
Developmental Biology Takayuki SUZUKI (suzuki.takayuki@)
Toshiro MIZUNO (mizu@)
Functional Plant Biology Kouichi SOGA (soga@)
Kazuyuki WAKABAYASHI (kazuwakaba@)
Cell Function Makoto MIYATA (miyata@)
Taro NAKAMURA (taronaka@)
Animal Sociology Satoshi AWATA (sa-awata@)
Tetsuro YOSHIKAWA (yoshikawa_t@)

Animal Physiology

Shinsuke GOTO (shingoto@)
Taro FUCHIKAWA (tfuchi@)
Plant Ecology

Akira ITOH (itoha@)
Seiya OKUNO (sokuno@)

Biodiversity Science

Michihiro ISHIHARA (mishiha@)
Hideo EZOE (h_ezoe@)
Takako NISHINO (nishinot@)

Plant Evolution and Adaptation

Satoshi NANAMI (snanami@)
Satoshi KOI (skoi@)
Riichi OGUCHI (oguchi@)

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