Department of Biology, Graduate School of Science

Exploring the nature of life and evolution, how life was created and evolved
Life on Earth originated from a single ancestor and has diversified through repeated evolution. Today, animals, plants, microorganisms, and other diverse organisms interact to create ecosystems. Biology is a discipline that analyzes these organisms broadly, from molecules and cells to ecosystems. It explores the nature of biological evolution and diversity and the universality of life phenomena. In today’s rapidly developing society, there are various problems related to living organisms, and there is a need for people who can correctly understand and solve these problems.
In this graduate course, approximately 30 full-time faculty members provide advanced research guidance to approximately 30 students in the first year of the Master’s course. With a small number of students per faculty member, students can receive thorough guidance. The department fosters outstanding human resources with deep knowledge and the ability to think logically who can play an active role in the research and development departments of universities, public research institutions, and companies. We will also develop human resources who will play an important role in the next generation of Japanese and international society.

Laboratories & Staffs

Functional and Analytical Biology
Biomolecular Function

Ryoji MASUI (rmasui@)

Molecular Physiology

Akihisa TERAKITA (terakita@)
Mitsumasa KOYANAGI (koyanagi@)

Molecular Microbiology

Ken-ichi FUJITA (fujita@)
Yoshihiro YAMAGUCHI (yyamaguchi@)

Environmental Biology

Hayato TOKUMOTO (hokumoto@)
Shizue YOSHIHARA (s.yoshihara@)

Functional Cellular and Individual Biology
Developmental Biology

Takayuki SUZUKI (suzuki.takayuki@)
Toshiro MIZUNO (mizu@)

Functional Plant Biology

Kouichi SOGA (soga@)
Kazuyuki WAKABAYASHI (kazuwakaba@)

Cell Function

Makoto MIYATA (miyata@)
Taro NAKAMURA (taronaka@)

Functional Biology of Natural History
Animal Sociology

Satoshi AWATA (sa-awata@)
Tetsuro YOSHIKAWA (yoshikawa_t@)

Animal Physiology

Shinsuke GOTO (shingoto@)
Taro FUCHIKAWA (tfuchi@)

Plant Ecology

Akira ITOH (itoha@)
Seiya OKUNO (sokuno@)

Biodiversity Science

Michihiro ISHIHARA (mishiha@)
Hideo EZOE (h_ezoe@)
Takako NISHINO (nishinot@)

Plant Evolution and Adaptation Satoshi NANAMI (snanami@)
Satoshi KOI (skoi@)
Riichi OGUCHI (oguchi@)
Integrative Biology
Evolutionary Genomics

Mikio KATO (mkato@)

Plant Physiology Koichi KOBAYASHI (kkobayashi@)

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