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SDGs Strategy Council Chairperson Message


The world is simultaneously experiencing extremely difficult problems that cannot be easily solved on a global scale, such as abnormal weather caused by climate change, the spread of infectious diseases, and large-scale wars. It can be said that this is one of the most difficult times in human history. However, it is precisely in such times that humanity can share a sense of crisis. This creates a strong motivation to join forces to solve these problems and realize a sustainable society.

SDGs are immediate goals until 2030, but we must build a sustainable society for the future beyond that. University Public Corporation Osaka with some of the nation's leading educational and research institutions has a social responsibility to make a significant contribution to the realization of a sustainable society.

SDGs Strategy Council aims to create a system to promote the fulfillment of such social responsibility.

Koji Otsuka

SDGs Strategy Council Chairperson, Advisor to the President

Osaka Metropolitan University

Purpose of the SDGs Strategy Council

The SDGs Strategy Council has been established to formulate strategies that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs from the perspectives of education, research, social contribution, and corporate management, and to establish the necessary promotion system and operational management to realize these strategies. 

Positioning of the SDGs Strategy Council

The SDGs Strategy Council formulates and manages the execution of SDGs strategies. It also works with and complements the Public Relations Strategy Council, Ranking Strategy Council, International Strategy Council, Diversity Strategy Council, Digital Transformation Strategy Council, and Research Strategy Office.

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Composition of the SDGs Strategy Council
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