Environmental Management Promotion Office

Purpose of the Environmental Management Promotion Office

In order to address global environmental issues and achieve sustainable development, we must reduce the environmental impact of all aspects of our economic and social activities. To this end, University Public Corporation Osaka and other business enterprises are required not only to comply with regulations but also to voluntarily and proactively promote environmental conservation efforts throughout their entire activities. Environmental management is an effective tool for this purpose.

The Environmental Management Promotion Office, established under the SDGs Strategy Council, is composed of student members, faculty members, and staff. The objective is to promote environmentally friendly activities by implementing the PDCA cycle of environmental management, such as checking and reviewing environmental initiatives through joint preparation of environmental reports by students, faculty members, and staff members.

Environmental Report

The Environmental Report is a compilation and publication of the status of environmental considerations, etc. associated with the business activities of University Public Corporation Osaka in accordance with the Environmental Consideration Law.

In addition to Osaka Metropolitan University students, students from Osaka Metropolitan University College of Technology participate in the drafting and editing of the report, with support from our faculty and staff.

The Environmental Report compiles the results of our coverage of the environmental impact of the corporation's business activities and our efforts to reduce it, as well as the environmental activities of our students and our education and research activities related to the environment.

We hope that this report will be used effectively as a communication tool for the corporation's staff and local residents, as well as for local government and business people.