Expo Citizens Collaboration Promotion Office

Purpose of the Expo Citizens Collaboration Promotion Office

Expo 2005 was held as a "Citizen Participatory Expo," and many citizen participation projects were carried out. Even after the event closed, the legacy of the "Expo 2005 Aichi Volunteer Center" remained, and it is said to have contributed to fostering a volunteer culture in neighboring communities.

Expo Citizens Collaboration Promotion Office sees the Osaka-Kansai Expo to be held in Osaka in 2025 as an opportunity to promote civic activities in Osaka and propose a program to promote volunteer participation by students and other local residents. The Office will also make a proposal based on the premise of sustainable efforts so that the Expo will not be a goal, but a culture that will be carried on even after the event closes.

On the other hand, it has been shown that a super-aged society will soon arrive, as known as the "2025 problem," and that a variety of social problems will be triggered by that time.

Our goal is also to contribute to fostering citizens who recognize the reality they will face in 2025 and proactively create their own future.

Volunteer Leader Development Program

Issues that arise in the community span multiple domains and now require not only institutions and NPOs but also local residents to act as solution agents. Therefore, in the future, it will be necessary to solve regional issues in cooperation and collaboration with various entities (students, residents, NPOs, businesses, etc.).

The Volunteer Leader Development Program, offered by the Expo Citizens Collaboration Promotion Office, aims to nurture "volunteer leaders" who proactively address local issues based on a comprehensive perspective on people and society through classes and fieldwork.

Volunteer leaders are expected to continue to engage in volunteer activities as leaders in their respective communities after the Expo closes.

This program is designed to provide an opportunity for students and local residents to share the founding philosophy of the Center for Volunteer and Civic Activities (V-station), which is to "raise awareness of social issues and the responsibility for solving these issues lies with each and every one of us.