About the school of economics

The Undergraduate and Graduate School of Economics at Osaka Metropolitan University

Osaka Metropolitan University is one of the largest and most prestigious public universities in Japan. The School of Economics at the University places strong emphasis on respects the principle of freedom in academic learning, active community involvement, and a well-balanced education that combines a fundamental theoretical understanding with its practical, real-world utilization. We foster state-of-the-art research and education that can fully respond to transformations both globally and in our local communities. And we are not content to simply be passive receivers of information, but rather we strive to be active transmitters of data and knowledge throughout the world.

School of Economics of the new university


  • We aim for the highest level of theoretical and empirical analysis.
  • We take a humanistic perspective of economics that values the effects on human welfare of various economic policies and systems as a human science.
  • We aim to be a leading education and research center with a special focus on the economic zones of Asia and the Pacific Ocean.



Osaka City University and Osaka Prefecture University were integrated in 2022, and each of the economics Departments of the former universities were combined to form the School of Economics of the new university.

Osaka City University started out in 1880 as the "Osaka Commercial Training Institute" whose main research and educational mission was focused on economics and commerce. The Graduate School of Economics was founded in 1953 and quickly became a leading research and educational institution in the Kansai area.

School of Economics of the new university


The origin of Osaka Prefecture University dates to the "Veterinary Training Center" established in 1883. The Faculty of Economics was established in 1954, and it evolved into the School of Management in College of Sustainable System Sciences in 2012.

School of Economics of the new university


History of Osaka City University and Osaka Prefecture University


The School of Economics has its main buildings in the University's Sugimoto and Nakamozu Campuses. These Campuses are conveniently located in the center of Osaka prefecture, and both have easy access to and from Osaka city's center and the Kansai International Airport.