The Undergraduate School’s Education Philosophy and Features

Rapid socio-economic globalization and informatization have brought many vast changes to our daily lives. The mission of the Undergraduate School of Economics at Osaka Metropolitan University is to equip graduates with the ability to proactively propose solutions to the myriad problems confronting global society and local communities in the face of these changes. Economics is a discipline particularly suited to this since it seeks to understand the root causes of contemporary problems and their effects at both micro and macro levels. Undergraduate students majoring in economics at the university will gain a deeper understanding of the social and economic trends around them and learn to develop their own perspectives and approaches to socio-economic issues. There are many possible practical and theoretical approaches to economics. In the Faculty of Economics, we take a flexible approach in this regard and strive to familiarize students with a variety of the major approaches. Our faculty has staff from multiple and diverse backgrounds, and, through lectures and seminars, we work closely with students to consider multiple economic issues and topics.

To train Active Global Economists

Our mission is to train "Active Global Economists" who can grasp the problems facing the economy and society in the 21st century ahead of others and actively plan and disseminate solutions to them. Now, in our globalized economy, society, and culture, it is more necessary than ever to gather information from around the world and to be able to communicate through foreign languages. In addition, the development of information and communication technology (ICT) such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), and the spread of big data are remarkable. The ability to effectively employ and to demonstrate knowledge and skills vis-à-vis ICT is now a requisite in daily life. The Faculty of Economics not only teaches knowledge of the theoretical foundations of economics, global economic and social structures, and trends, but also fosters the ability to analyze economic data and to communicate and develop mutual understanding in foreign languages. We explore these things through lectures and small class seminars.