Course of Graduate School


The Graduate School of Economics at Osaka Metropolitan University trains economists with the ability to creatively propose solutions to the problems facing global and local communities. We strive for education and research dealing with various economic problems from theoretical, historical, ideological, and empirical perspectives. We also train highly specialized professionals and researchers with practical and creative abilities that contribute to the global economy and society and who maintain the highest ethical standards. For that purpose, we cultivate not only the ability to understand the basics essential for cutting-edge research in the field of economics, but also the independent ability to identify research subjects and to find unique solutions to those issues.

An outstanding feature of our graduate education is its multi-faceted approach to economics. The expertise of our staff is wide-ranging and covers virtually all areas of economics and related disciplines. Applicants are encouraged to contact our researchers prior to formal application and to discuss the topic they wish to study for their dissertation.

A major feature of our graduate program is a specialized, two-year Master’s Program for students wishing to start a professional career immediately after the completion of their master’s degree. We also provide an integrated Graduate Program that consists of a two-year Master’s Program (zenki hakase katei) and a three-year Doctor’s Program (koki hakase katei). Students enrolled in this program have the choice of leaving the School after obtaining their master’s degree, or continuing their research in the Doctor’s Program, the latter subject to successful performance on the Doctoral entrance examination. The Doctor’s Program is also open to applicants wishing to transfer from other universities upon completion of their master’s degree.