ODDM Waveform

Orthogonal Delay-Doppler Division Multiplexing (ODDM)

A novel delay-Doppler domain multi-carrier (DDMC) waveform

based on the newly discovered delay-Doppler domain/plane orthogonal pulse (DDOP)



 Deadline : 3 February 2023 (Extended)

 submission link : https://edas.info/newPaper.php?c=30416&track=115460


Q&A:  (Questions or comments are appreciated. Email to hai.lin[at]ieee.org)

    • What is the waveform of ODDM
      • An example of ODDM waveform having M multi-carrier (MC) symbols is shown below, where each MC symbol has N=4 subcarriers and pulse-shaped by the DDOP namely a pulse-train being composed of N sub-pulses. In particular, the sub-pulses are root Nyquist pulses, for example, the root raised cosine (RRC) pulses. As a result, each MC symbol has N sections in time domain,  and then M symbols form an ODDM frame in a staggered manner.oddm_waveform_image

Demo code:

Coming soon.


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