Doctor of Engineering (Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka City University)

Date Author Title
Mar 2010 UEDA, Hiroshi Extracting Person-Related Information for Understanding People on the Web

Master of Informatics (Graduate School of Informatics, Osaka Metropolitan University)

Date Author Title
Mar 2024 KAWAGUCHI, Tomoya Relationship Between SemVer Compliance and Vulnerabilities in Software Ecosystems
Mar 2024 SHIRAKAWA, Yoshitaka Assigning NDLSH Headings to People on the Web Using Sentence-BERT and ChatGPT
Mar 2024 WANG, Sihan Memory Recall Support by Ranking Lifelogs

Master of Engineering (Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka City University)

Date Author Title
Mar 2022 SAITOH, Reo Support for Understanding Others Using SNS

Master of Urban Informatics (Graduate School for Creative Cities, Osaka City University)

Date Author Title
Mar 2023 SEKITANI, Junichi Experimental Framework for Comparing Accuracy of Time Series Forecasting Methods
Mar 2019 EJIMA, Naoya Development of Self-Understanding Support System using Twitter
Mar 2019 HIROSHIMA, Shun Creating Character Correlation Diagrams of Comics Considering Friendship Levels
Mar 2018 UEMINAMI, Yuta Evaluation of Personal Memory Recall Support System using User's History Information
Mar 2018 KANATSUKA, Tokuichi Investigation of Lead Sections of Wikipedia Person Pages
Mar 2018 KUMAGAI, Naoto Development of Self-Understanding Support Tool using Twitter
Mar 2018 MURAKAMI, Ryutaro Supporting Human Memory Recollection using Multiple Social Networking Services
Mar 2016 NAGAOKA, Yusuke Creating Character Connections from Comics using Frames and Words in Balloons
Mar 2016 WATANABE, Shuta Improvement of Keyword Weighting Method for Human Memory Recollection
Mar 2016 ZHANG, Gang Displaying People with Old Addresses on a Map
Mar 2015 KONISHI, Toshimune Generating Summary for People on the Web
Mar 2015 MATSUURA, Sho Supporting Human Memory using Tag Clouds
Mar 2015 YU, Xiaojie Assigning NDLSH to People on the Web
Mar 2015 HASHIMOTO, Yusuke Visualizing User's Knowledge Space using Behavior Information
Mar 2014 MATSUMOTO, Masaki Supporting Human Recollection of the Impressive Days Using the Number of Photos
Mar 2014 TANG, Chunliang Map Display System for Curriculum Vitae on the Web
Mar 2014 NISHIMURA, Masakazu Extracting Politician Opinions about Legislation from Newspaper Articles
Mar 2013 KATAOKA, Yusuke Evaluation of the NDC-based People-search Directory
Mar 2013 KURIHARA, Atsushi A Survey of Visualization Methods for List of Subject Headings
Mar 2012 WANG, Shuang Displaying History Information of People on a Map
Sep 2011 TANG, Zhenguo Visualizaing Thesaurus: Investigating How to Display BSH4
Mar 2011 URA, Yoshinobu Developing NDC-based People-search Directory
Mar 2011 MITSUHASHI, Kenta A Human Recollection Support System by Integrating Diverse Information and Creating Knowledge Space
Mar 2011 MIYAKE, Yuki How Do Humans Identify Different People with Identical Names on the Web?
Mar 2011 ZHENG, Ning Visualizing Family Tree: A Family Retrieval System with Chronological Direct-line Search Facility
Mar 2010 KYOGOKU, Ryota Creating Character Charts from Comics
Mar 2009 ISHIGAMI, Kazuya Development and Experiment of a Performance Support Tool for Understanding Electroacoustic Music
Mar 2009 KATAOKA, Shinichi Two-step Clustering based on Person Names to Identify Different People with Identical Names on the Web
Mar 2009 TAKAMORI, Yuya Extracting location information of people from Web pages
Mar 2008 ITO, Misaki Proposal of Usability Guidelines for Websites Containing Videos
Mar 2008 SAKAI, Takayuki Opinion Extraction of Politicians from Japanese Newspaper Articles
Mar 2008 MIYAHARA, Ryoichi Keyword Extraction and Visualization from e-Mail Magazine for Community Knowledge Sharing)
Mar 2008 MURAKAMI, Koji Subject Retrieval Using NDC Category and Multiple Subject Headings
Sep 2007 YAMADA, Kuniko Presenting Mathematical Web Pages for Understanding Lectures
Mar 2007 IWAKURA, Noriko Survey on Collections of Links in Japanese University Libraries
Mar 2007 KANATA, Chizu Research on the Use of Mobile OPACs in University Libraries - An Investigation into the Use of Osaka City Universiy Mobile OPAC -
Mar 2006 FUKUI, Kazuo An Investigation into Personalizing Web Search Results using Mail Texts
Mar 2005 UEDA, Hiroshi Research on the Advancement of Cellular Phone OPAC

Bachelor of Engineering (Faculty of Engineering, Osaka City University)

Date Author Title
Mar 2024 TSUTSUMI, Yuta Support for Recalling Events Using X Posts
Mar 2023 MATSUMOTO, Jun Support for Understanding People Using SNS Posts
Mar 2022 SHIRAKAWA, Yoshitaka Assignment of Subject Headings to People on the Web
Mar 2022 FUJIMOTO, Takumi A Book Recommendation System Considering Sentiment of Content of Interest