About School of Literature and Human Sciences

Course Features

A Curriculum that Satisfies Inquisitive Minds

The small number of students in each course, ranging from a few to about a dozen students per year, allows us to create a rich curriculum that satisfies each inquisitive mind. Students are able to choose a course after carefully identifying their fields of interest.

Human Sciences Knowledge for Global Society

By exploring a wide variety of fields, as well as learning and thinking about culture and society, students acquire human sciences knowledge, communication skills, and other resources required to be active in today's global society. We nurture talent with pronounced human qualities that can be active in our new world.

Four Years of Learning

Freshman Year

Students explore their own interests while being exposed to a wide variety of cultures and becoming broadly educated.

Sophomore Year

While participating in a course, students acquire specialized perspectives on humanity, culture, society, and history.

Junior Year

Students explore topics of interest while deepening their specialized studies and refining their logical thinking.

Senior Year

Students write their graduation thesis, the culmination of their four years of study, as well as deciding on their path forward, whether it be job hunting, a graduate school entrance exam, or another.

Information on Departments

Department of Philosophy and History

This department deciphers cultures and societies in Japan and around the world with an emphasis on “time.”

  • Philosophy
  • Japanese History
  • World History


Department of Philosophy and History

Department of Human Behavioral Sciences

With a focus on human behavior, students will learn about the relationships between mind and behavior, people and society, and people and people.

  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Geography


Department of Human Behavioral Sciences

Department of Language and Culture

Approaching humans from the perspectives of linguistics, literature, and culture. In addition to Japan, students study China, the United States, Germany, France, and other countries.

  • Japanese Language and Literature
  • Chinese Linguistics and Sinology
  • English and American Language and Literature
  • German Language and Literature
  • French Language and Literature


Department of Language and Culture

Department of Cultural Management

With culture as a keyword, students work on solving various contemporary social issues, while also fostering rich human qualities indispensable to building a society of coexistence.

  • Culture and Representation
  • Asian Culture
  • Cultural Resources


Department of Cultural Management


About Course Selection

In the School of Literature and Human Sciences, students join a course from their second year, and take specialized education subjects in accordance with their course's curriculum.
From their first year, it is important that students think carefully about their interests. To do so, they take introductory and basic courses, where they can learn the foundational knowledge of each department and find out the basics of the various courses, as well as participating in course guidance sessions offered by faculty and students.
The School of Literature and Human Sciences regularly provides guidance and information for first-year students to better understand departments/courses and choose one.

Note: If the number of applicants for a course exceeds the number of slots and the department/course cannot accept all applicants, students will be selected based mainly on grades in the first semester of the first year.