Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

Using Knowledge in Informatics to Create a Sustainable Society

Dean Takao Miyamoto

研究科長 宮本


In order to create a society (sustainable society) in which the global environment and natural environment are properly preserved, and development is being carried out to meet the needs of the current generation without compromising the needs of future generations, what is necessary is the further advancement of elemental technologies for information and communication, as proposed in Society 5.0, as well as “systematization capability” to combine elemental technologies for the solution of problems as a whole in an optimal way. Moreover, it is also necessary to understand social issues that are newly created through problem solving. Accordingly, it is essential to possess the ability to think systematically in order to understand the interactions between elemental technologies, while analyzing the psychological state of humans who respond to the development and innovation of information and communication technology as well as advanced human computer interface technology, predict changes in society as a whole, and gain new insights that go beyond mere technology and knowledge.

Informatics is a field of study that systematizes information as an academic discipline, independently interpreting information created from all disciplines, to create a new interdisciplinary field of research through not only the development of informatics itself but also the fusion of all disciplines with information as the core.

The Graduate School of Informatics consists of the Department of Core Informatics centered on information science, which pursues truth and principles related to information, and information engineering, which aims to establish technology that handles information; and the Department of Interdisciplinary Informatics centered on the application and development of information in the natural sciences as well as in the humanities and social sciences. With informatics consisting of core informatics and interdisciplinary informatics as the basis for the creation of new knowledge in a wide range of research areas related to information, we will train outstanding knowledge professionals. Specifically, we will develop human resources who have the ability to generate, collect, transmit, and store information sufficient to understand the roots of unknown challenges, the ability to acquire new knowledge through the multifaceted analysis of such information, and the ability to think systematically to formulate mechanisms and methods to encourage society to implement the wills and actions determined based on the acquired knowledge, and who can promote interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral education, research, and development in a wide range of natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences.