Support System

Upon entering the graduate school, all students are assigned an academic advisor who will provide guidance and advice on all aspects of study and research. Due to the importance, the graduate school makes every effort to ensure that prospective students are able to make contact with graduate school faculty members to select an appropriate academic advisor in advance. Students who are considering applying to the graduate school should search for a faculty member in their desired field using the lists of faculty members, etc., and to consult with a prospective advisor prior to the application process.

Education and research within the graduate school are conducted on either the Nakamozu Campus or the Sugimoto Campus, depending on the laboratory to which the relevant faculty member belongs. The graduate school ensures that students are able to pursue education and research on either campus without hinderance. In addition, if students wish to take courses on another campus, there will be no need to travel as students are able to attend classes remotely from the campus to which they are assigned.