Characteristics of Department

The Department of Core Informatics aims to embody the study of core informatics, which is an academic framework that repeatedly evolves and develops through paradigm shifts, pursuing education and research in informatics on the everlasting truths and methods that underlie social values, even if they change or diversify with the changing times. The Department of Core Informatics has the following two fields according to the area of specialization. 

Intelligent Informatics 

The areas of specialization in this field include image processing, intelligent media processing, algorithm theory, evolutionary computation, computational intelligence, machine learning, neuroscience informatics, and signal processing, which focus on intelligence for extracting useful knowledge from acquired data and information.

System Informatics

The areas of specialization in this field include software systems, human information systems, system engineering, digital systems, knowledge management, information security, information systems, information communication systems, communication networks, digital communications, and mobile communications, which are information systems that generate, collect, transmit, store, and apply information.

Admission Capacity

Master's Program Doctoral Program
65 students 10 students


※All admission capacities are tentatative.

Cultivation of professionals

Master's Program

In the field of Intelligent Informatics, students acquire the knowledge and skills to computerize the human intellectual abilities of recognition, understanding, reasoning, and learning, which are fundamental and unchanging truths, through solving problems in the academic disciplines of signal processing, intelligent systems, media processing, machine learning, and data science, in order to acquire the ability to follow or lead changes even in the event of paradigm shifts in society and technology. Similarly, in the field of System Informatics, students acquire the ability to understand and model subject matter as a system through solving problems in the academic disciplines of parallel processing, measurement control, information networks, security, and signal processing, and acquire the knowledge and skills required to seek optimal solutions for such systems as a whole.

Doctoral Program

The Doctoral Program aims to cultivate researchers and research professionals able to further elevate the level of knowledge, skills, and education in Intelligent Informatics and System Informatics that they acquired in the Master’s Program and to apply these in other fields, and who acquire the ability to establish, resolve, and implement their research themes, the ability to communicate their presence, and the ability to manage research and other projects, and are able to leverage and apply these abilities on the international stage, while maintaining high ethical standards and a strong sense of responsibility as a researcher and a professional.

Curriculum Features

Enhancing practicality and adaptability based on the systematic mastery of informatics


Main Lectures and Seminar Courses

(Primarily identified by keywords)

  • Statistics and big data analysis
  • Data science and algorithms
  • Intelligent media processing and natural language processing
  • Machine learning and deep learning
  • Cognitive psychology and social informatics
  • Information sensing and wireless telecommunications
  • Platforms and networks
  • High-performance computing infrastructure
  • Healthcare informatics
  • Information security

Practical education and research aimed at solving real-world problems

(Primarily identified by keywords)

  • Demonstrations in smart cities promoted by Osaka and social implementation in smart universities
  • Development of applications and presentations of solutions based on analyses of real-world data
  • Design and implementation of urban OS and data collaboration platforms linkable with private and government platforms
  • Development of biometric sensing devices and application in data analysis and healthcare/sports

Curriculum Map

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