Facilities & Equipment

This page introduces the facilities and equipment that are often used in OCAMI Joint Usage and Research projects.

Conference Rooms (Sugimoto Campus)

Conference Rooms (Other Campuses)



Plans for Hybrid Conferences

Conference Rooms (Sugimoto Campus)

Conference Rooms Location Seats (Under COVID) Recommended Hybrid Plan
E408 4F, Science Building E 70 (35) Plan for Seminar Room
F415 4F, Science Building F 40 (32) Plan for Seminar Room
F205 2F, Science Building F 84 (48) Plan R-Talk
F215 2F, Science Building F 56 (32) Plan R-Talk
F216 2F, Science Building F 56 (32) Plan R-Talk
10F, Media Center 10F, Media Center 276 Plan for Large Conference
1F, Media Center 1F, Media Center 84 Plan R-Talk
810 1F, General Education Building 300 (200) Plan for Large Conference

* The 2nd floor of the Science Building and the General Education Building are used for classes, so it is difficult to make a reservation on weekdays during semesters.

E408 (4F, Science Building, 70 (35) Seats)

E408-1 E408-2

F415 (4F, Science Building F, 40 (32) Seats)

F415-1 F415-2

F205 (2F, Science Building F, 84 (48) Seats)

F205-1 F205-2

F215 (2F, Science Building F, 56 (32) Seats)

F215-1 F215-2

F216 (2F, Science Building F, 56 (32) Seats)

F216-1 F216-2

10F, Media Center (276 Seats)

MediaCenter10-1 MediaCenter10-2

1F, Media Center (84 Seats)

(No Picture)

810, General Education Building (300 (200) Seats)

Education810-1 Education810-2

Conference Rooms (Other Campuses)

I-site Namba

I-site Namba (in Japanese)

By connecting multiple rooms, it is possible to accommodate up to 252 people (115 people under COVID-19).

Academic Extension Center (Inside a Building Near Osaka Station)

Academic Extension Center Facilities (in Japanese)

The large seminar room has 36 seats, and the hall has 120 seats.


Osaka Metropolitan University Guest House

Osaka Metropolitan University Guest House

This is an on-campus accommodation facility on the Sugimoto Campus. When used for OCAMI Joint Usage and Research, reservations can be made from OCAMI.

Kansai Kenshu Center (KKC)

Kansai Kenshu Center

This is an off-campus accommodation facility next to the Sugimoto Campus. Reservations will be made from OCAMI.


Nonohana House

Nonohana House (in Japanese)

This restaurant is located on the 1st floor of the Media Center on the Sugimoto Campus.

Restaurant Map

Restaurant Map

This is a restaurant map around Sugimoto Campus.

Plans for Hybrid Conferences

Plan* In-Person Audience Room Speaker Difficulty Recommended Rooms
Plan for Seminar Room Handheld Mics Yes Easy E408, F415
Plan R-Talk No Mic Required No** Normal E408, F415, 2F Science Building
Plan for Large Conference Handheld Mics Yes Normal 10F Media Center, General Education Building

* All plans include the following equipment: PC, video camera to capture blackboards or the lecturer (and video capture to connect to PC), a wireless microphone for lecturer, speakers (in-room or R-Talk).

** With Plan R-Talk, room speakers can be used in E408 and F415 (optional).

Necessary equipment can be borrowed from OCAMI. OCAMI staff may assist with the installation of equipment, but this does not guarantee proper operation. The organizer should be responsible for the operation during the conference.

Plan for Seminar Room

With Plan for Seminar Room, you can easily hold a hybrid conference using microphones installed in E408 or F415. In-person audience will use a handheld microphone to broadcast their questions to Zoom.

Plan R-Talk

With Plan R-Talk, the questions from audience in the venue are always delivered to Zoom by connecting multiple "R-Talk 1500", microphones and speakers for conferences. (Depending on the size of the venue and the volume of the questioner's voice, it may be difficult to hear the question on Zoom.) This method can also be used in E408 or F415.

Plan for Large Conference

With Plan for Large Conference, you can output the voice of the lecturer and the questioner and also the voice of the Zoom side from the speakers in the room, using the switcher "ATEM Mini Pro". Questioners in the venue will speak using handheld microphones. This method is recommended for large venues where the questioner's voice needs to be heard through the room speakers.