Introduction of the consortium

The consortium is comprised of corporations and individuals who support PFC’s philosophy of “Contributing to resolving food and environmental issues by advancing urban greenhouse horticulture, focusing on plant factories capable of controlling a cultivation environment.” and agree to act collaboratively. 

Consortium membership types and privileges

Membership rules

Type Annual fee * Eligibility Special discounts on training and seminar fees Eligibility for participation in management meetings
Individual 20,000 yen Individuals, including producers and researchers, wishing to join the consortium Applicable Not applicable
Corporate 100,000 yen Corporations or any other group wishing to join the consortium Applicable Applicable

*The annual fees halved if applied on October 1st or later.


Membership privileges

1.Eligibility to participate in a joint research program with Osaka Prefecture University using the PFC facilities.

Research on simultaneous cultivation of a variety of plants, and aquaponics    

Research of optimized air conditioning system

Cultivation verification research

Research of plant life control technology

2.Special discounts on training and seminar fees.

3.Participation in information exchange meetings and PFC Salons.