Education and Training

Development of human resource education system for students and working professionals: We have been building a comprehensive educational operation system, targeted at undergraduate and graduate students as well as working professionals, by effectively utilizing on-campus infrastructure and resources.


Offering undergraduates
“Minor subjects for the Plant Factory Science”

The following minor subjects have been set up for undergraduate students, aiming to train professional engineers. It is an education that combines engineering technologies such as production systems and air conditioning, and life and environmental science (agricultural studies) technologies such as plant cultivation and environmental control.


PFC training for working professionals

For working professionals, PFC offers various seminars and salons. In particular, seminars are systematically provided throughout the year, to people at various levels of basic, practical & applied and special courses, in collaboration with the consortium, accurately reflecting social needs.

PFC seminar I (Basic)

Basic training is given to experience a series of operations from lettuce seeding to harvesting in a small cultivation facility that simulates an artificial light-type plant factory.

PFC seminar II (Practical and Applied)

Intermediate-level information on plant factory is provided. By combining lectures with exercises and practical trainings, they can be more easily and effectively understood and absorbed.

PFC seminar III (Special)

It is the seminar for those who have taken the above seminars to further deepen their knowledge. Introducing the latest technology by top runners in Japan.