As one of the world-leading R&D center, PFC is working on research and development projects to realize fully automated production and human resource management systems using AI and ICT solutions, while searching for new species for high-mix plant production, in addition to exploring cultivation techniques for functional plants. We have been carrying out various activities, from basic research to practical research, with a view to the social implementation of plant factories. 

PFC Virtual Laboratories

The R&D center houses four virtual lab facilities, in which research and technology development are being carried out from basic fields, which include the prediction and control of plant growth and environmental response control, to applied and practical fields best known as pest control, advanced plant production and production control.

Fukuda_ken Laboratory of the Prediction and Control of Plant Growth

PI : Hirokazu Fukuda

<Research Objective>
The aim of this laboratory is to develop mathematical models on plant growth and metabolic processes at a plant facctory to implement a precise simulation of dynamic processes of the growth and useful components of a plant using a computer.

166.JPG Laboratory of the Plant Disease and Insect Pest Management in Plant Factories

PI : Norio Hirai

<Research Objective>
This loboratory aims to identify types and characteristics of hazardous insects, bacteria, and microorganisms at a plant factory to develop a sanitation control method for improving safety and productivity.

2017-05-26 03.06.24 Laboratory of the Operations Management for Plant Production

PI : Katsumi Ohyama

<Research Objective>

The objective of this loboratory is to develop and demonstrate a production management method for minimizing the use of resources (such as manpower, energy, and water) and maximizing and/or optimizing crop productivity at a plant factory.

Eguchi-Lab.JPG Laboratory of the Control of Plant Production

PI : Masatake Eguchi

<Research Objective>

The objective of this laboratory is to research and develop technology to control the growth of plants by applying the environmental adaptability of plants, with the aim of the facilitating of the adjustment of production and shipping time at plant factories.