Animal Physiology

We welcome international students who favor Insect Physiology and Chronobiology in the discipline of Animal Physiology!


We have accepted a visiting researcher from the Czech Republic and Canada and a student from China in the past. 


We will accept graduate students (master’s and doctoral students) and post-docs from all over the world. If you are interested, please contact Goto or Fuchikawa via e-mail: shingoto or tfuchi (@



For prospective master’s and doctoral students

As for the economical aspect, we mostly recommend that you win the examination in your home country and be nominated for a Japanese Government Scholarship. Also, there are several scholarship systems for international students.

The Admission fee is about 280,000-380,000 yen and the tuition fee at the graduate school of OMU is about 530,000-540,000 yen per year, but it is exempted depending on your circumstances. In the case of a doctoral course, a scholarship of 500,000 yen per year will be awarded in general.


<For prospective post-docs>

   We mostly recommend considering to apply for JSPS’s programs. They provide various fellowship programs for research in Japan for a wide range of researchers from pre/postdocs to senior professors. They usually provide you with sufficient money to stay and carry out research in Japan. If the programs don’t fit your situation, we can explore another option.

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