Graduate School of Law Reference Room

The Graduate School of Law Reference Room is for faculty members of the Graduate School of Law and students majoring in law and political science. The Reference Room holds about 70,000 volumes, including Japanese books, foreign books, and magazines in the fields of law and politics. In addition to books in the research fields of faculty members, the Reference Room is actively collecting precedent collections, commentaries and commemorative papers from various countries. As for magazines, the Reference Room holds major legal magazines and necessary magazines for each field, and continuously collects university bulletins, magazines related to German and French Law, Chinese magazines, and political science-related magazines.

In addition, equipped with online database that enables searching for judicial precedents and literature information in Japan, Germany, the United States, etc., the Reference Room supports students and faculty members by providing an environment that enables them to access various materials and information without leaving the School of Law building.

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International Legal Materials Room

The International Legal Materials Room was created in the School of Law when the International Legal Studies Course was established to respond to the internationalization of society, as one of the three courses established with the introduction of the three-course system through reorganization of the School in 1993.

The Room holds mainly primary materials such as statute books, judicial precedents and parliamentary documents from various foreign countries, as well as official records of international organizations, documents related to international politics, and documents related to Japanese diplomacy. The International Legal Materials Room is managed in conjunction with the Graduate School of Law Reference Room.