Journal of Law and Political Science

With the independence of the School of Law in April 1953, there was growing momentum, driven mainly by young faculty members, to publish a quarterly magazine in parallel with the publication of the Journal of Law and Political Science. This momentum led to the inauguration of the Journal of Law and Political Science in March 1954. Since then, adhering to the spirit expressed in the preface to the inaugural issue: "The scope of this journal covers the fields of law and political science. We respect the unique individuality and academic tendency and attitude of each author. Our only aim is to get closer to the truth through free research,” the Journal of Law and Political Science has provided opportunities for faculty members and graduate students to present the research papers that they have produced in a free but strict academic atmosphere. To date, more than 70 volumes have been published (in principle, four issues are published each academic year).

Law Book Series

The Law Book Series is a research book series written by the staff of the School of Law and published by Yuhikaku Publishing. Since the first volume was published in 1951, new volumes have been published at a rate of almost one per year. To date, a total of 65 volumes (including two supplementary volumes) have been published. Each of the research books included in this series has attracted considerable attention from academic society, enhancing the School’s reputation.