Faculty Members / Research Themes

Faculty Research Themes
Abe Masaki Empirical research on the law implementation process, social theory of law
Yasutake Takahiko Comparative research on Edo law and Osaka law in the modern era, criminal law and criminal proceedings in the beginning of the Meiji period
Abe Kazufumi Constitutional law(especially Weimar Constitution)
Watanabe Masaru The immigration control administration and foreigners’ human rights, basic labor rights of government officials
Mizutori Yoshinobu Right of asylum, right to respect normal family life
Shigemoto Tatsuya Modern significance of traditional systems for ensuring fulfillment of administrative obligations including administrative enforcement
Takata Michiko Judicial Review of Administrative Discretion, Legitimacy of Judicial Review
Sakai Takako Corporate attributes, comparative analysis of General Anti-Avoidance Rules
Kanazawa Mari Research on criminal attempt, especially voluntary abandonment and withdrawal or renunciation of attempt; comparative research on societal treatment systems for ex-offender rehabilitation
Mishima Satoshi Police transparency and deliberations at mixed jury trials
Matsukura Haruyo Right of silence, privilege against self-incrimination
Tokunaga Hajime Theory of Criminal Responsibility or Liability
Moriyama Hiroe Contract law and family law
Sakaguchi Kou Comparative research on remedies for non-performance under Japanese and German contract law
Sugimoto Takahisa Historical research on contract law systems in Japan, Germany, and France
Fujii Narunobu Comparative research of contract law; focused on laws of civil law countries, common law countries, and international conventions or principles of international commercial contracts
Yoshihara Satoshi Research on law of property, especially condominium, joint ownership, organization
Kogaki Noritake Audit and disclosure system in corporate governance
Naka Takuma Family Business and Corporate Law, Securities Regulation
Takahashi Eiji Comparative research on corporate law in Japan and Germany, history of acceptance of German commercial law, comparative research on corporate governance
Okanari Genta Comparative Research on Civil Procedure
Tsuruta Shigeru Research on multi-party litigation in civil litigation, litigation conduct rights, and legal force of decisions
Nemoto Itaru Research on labor contract laws in Japan and Germany
Kawamura Takanori Research on the state and corporate pension fund management
Fuchikawa Kazuhiko Research on regulations of monopsony, and digital platform markets
Nakai Aiko Researches on international law making, regional integration of law and relationship between international and national law.
Kiriyama Takanobu Effect of the activities of international organizations on the development of international law
Kunitomo Akihiko Interpretation of the Act on General Rules for Application of Laws and the Hague Convention on Child Abduction, Nationality law
Katsuta Takuya Jury system, American constitutional history, and judicial system
Moriya Kenichi History of German Law and Legal Theory
Wang Chen Comparative research on civil law, general Chinese law
Nagami Mizuki History of Western Political Thought, Political Theory
Hieda Takeshi Political economy and social policies in advanced democratic countries
Ubano Akiko History of political thought in the Renaissance and early modern Europe
Noda Shogo Political system of postwar Germany, European comparative politics
Nagai Fumio International relations and comparative politics in Southeast Asia, local governance in Southeast Asian countries
Tezuka Yosuke Government and administration analysis regarding fault and blame, research on the history of postwar administration