At Small Spacecraft Systems Research Center (SSSRC) of Osaka Metropolitan University (OMU), students play a central role in developing spacecraft such as nano-satellites and nano rockets. Students create the curriculum, and senior students teach the necessary skills for spacecraft development to junior students. The SSSRC also conducts outreach activities to familiarize the local community with space. Any student of OMU, who wishes to can participate in our activities, regardless of their department or major. Many students participate in projects according to their own interests. In our activities, students from freshers to graduate students work together and cooperate with each other.

Foundation of SSSRC

The impetus for the foundation of SSSRC was the participation of students of Osaka Prefecture University, the predecessor of Osaka Public University, in the process of designing and development of the SOHLA-1 (“まいど1号") project, the first small satellite to be launched into space from the Kansai region. This led to the conclusion of a comprehensive cooperation agreement between the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Osaka Prefecture University, which was signed in April 2005. In the same month, SSSRC was founded in the Graduate School of Engineering. 
From 2022, due to the integration and reorganization of universities, the affiliation of SSSRC was changed from Osaka Prefecture University to Osaka Metropolitan University.

Activities so far

Students at SSSRC have participated in the SOHLA-1 project, in the process of designing , development and testing of bus and mission equipment, and preparation for operations before launch. In 2014, we developed our own nano-satellite  OPUSAT, and launched by the H-IIA rocket. Subsequently, we developed a satellite kit named OPUSAT-KIT, and had been on sale since December 2016. Currently, the our second nano-satellite, HIROGARI, has been released into space and successfully completed its mission in operations that took place from March 2021. 
We also design and develop rockets not only satellites. In order to reach our goal to launch a rocket with an altitude about 1 km, we engage in the development of rocket propulsion systems and airframe, and launch operations.


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