Main research themes

Perioperative hemodynamic management: Our laboratory is focusing on the perioperative hemodynamic management using less-invasive hemodynamic monitoring. We have studied about the development and clinical validation of less-invasive hemodynamic monitoring solutions in the perioperative setting. Recently, we are also focusing on the perioperative blood pressure management.

Mechanism of Anesthetics: We are studying the functional mechanism of general and local anesthetics by mainly using electrophysiological technique with isolated cells or acute slice preparations.

Mechanisum of chronic pain: We are studying the mechanism of chronic pain by using electrophysiological techniques (in vivo and acute spinal cord slice) and Ca imaging (glial cells).

Cardiac electrophysiological studies in pathological models in the anesthesia field: We are investing the inhibitory effects of Na+ currents caused by local anesthetics in a cardiac hypertrophy model and the change of Ca2+ dynamics in septic models using isolated cardiomyocytes and whole animal bodies.