Important Notices

May 8, 2023

Dissolution of the OMU Novel Coronavirus Emergency Headquarters and Response to the Novel Coronavirus Infection after May 8, 2023

President, Director of the OMU Novel Coronavirus Emergency Response Headquarters

In 2020, the University established an Emergency Response Headquarters to formulate countermeasure policies and other measures to deal with the novel coronavirus infection. However, the Emergency Response Headquarters will be dissolved on May 7, 2023, as this infectious disease will be moved to Category V. Future measures will be discussed by the Crisis Management Committee, etc., as necessary.

*Notices will not be issued unless there is a specific change in the future measures to be taken.

Actions to be taken after May 8, 2023

〇Daily life
Daily infection control measures, such as wearing masks, are left to the judgment of each individual.
However, as indicated in the following "Five Basic measures to prevent infection," such as wearing masks, ventilation, avoidance of the Three Cs (Crowded places, Close-contact settings, and Confined and enclosed spaces), and hand washing, etc., depending on the situation, will remain effective. Each individual should incorporate basic infection control measures into his or her daily life and continue to act with consideration for those around him or her, for example, by not infecting those at high risk of serious illness.

Reference: Five Basic measures to prevent infection from the Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare Advisory Board submission(Japanese text)
(1) If you feel uneasy about your health condition or have symptoms, take it easy and recuperate at home or seek medical care.
(2) Wear masks and practice cough etiquette depending on the situation.
(3) Ventilation and avoidance of the Three Cs remain effective.
(4) Hand washing should remain a daily habit.
(5) Maintain a healthy lifestyle through moderate exercise, diet, etc.

*In cases where infection has spread significantly, the University may require stronger infection control measures at its discretion.
*Policies may be established by each department or facility depending on the circumstances of the department or facility, such as hospitals attached to the Faculty of Medicine, where there are many opportunities to come in contact with people at high risk of serious illness.

〇Reporting a suspected or confirmed infection
Reporting according to the "Response Flow" will be discontinued as of May 7.

Please refer to the following information regarding the handling of classes after May 8, 2023.
【For Faculty and Staff】Policy on the Implementation of Classes after May 8, 2023 (Japanese text) [Link to OMU portal]
【For Students】 Policy on the Implementation of Classes after May 8, 2023 (Japanese text)

〇About the rules for extracurricular activities 
Extracurricular Activities Portal Site (Japanese text) [Link to OMU portal]

〇Research activities
Research activities of faculty members (including researchers, undergraduate and graduate students) shall be classified as "Level 0 – normal“ in the Research Restriction Guidelines (Japanese text) [Link to OMU portal], and research activities may be conducted as usual while taking care to prevent infection.

〇Regarding the work of faculty and staff
Please refer to the separate notice from the Human Resources Division on the Faculty and Staff Portal for information on how to handle your service.

If you have any questions about countermeasures against new coronavirus infection, please contact the General Affairs Division.

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General Affairs Division

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