Academic Support

Foreign International Student Tutors

International students can find some aspects of studying in Japan more difficult than Japanese students do. Under the Foreign International Student Tutor System, older students (tutors) provide international students with individual support and advice on matters such as their studies, research, and daily life, including helping them to improve their Japanese language ability.

1. Eligibility

All international students other than credited auditors are eligible to receive individual support from a tutor. New entrants will be asked whether they want to receive this support via their supervisor or another faculty member.

2. Duration of Support

  1. Undergraduate and graduate students may receive support for up to two semesters (maximum 1 year) during the prescribed period in which they must complete their studies after matriculating.
  2. Research students and exchange students may receive support for the first two semesters after matriculating (maximum 1 year).


3. Details of Support

International students can receive a range of different types of support, as illustrated below.

Examples of support with daily life
  • Administrative procedures to be completed at the City Office (residence registration, national health insurance, national pension enrollment)
  • Opening a bank account
  • Mobile phone and internet contracts
  • Accompaniment to doctor’s appointments or hospital visits


Examples of support at university
  • Showing round university facilities and laboratories (administrative offices, library, Healthcare Center , etc.)
  • How to use the online student portal and the university email system
  • Registration procedure for auditing courses for credit
  • Advice on class content
  • Guidance on correcting Japanese in written reports
  • Bicycle registration

Inquiries: Student Affairs Division

Sugimoto Campus   
 Telephone: 06-6605-3608
Nakamozu Campus
 Telephone: 072-254-6243
 Email(common address)gr-gks-intlstu[at]  Please change "[at]" to @.

Extracurricular Japanese Language Classes

Extracurricular Japanese Language Classes

OMU offers extracurricular classes in Japanese for international students. They are a great opportunity to learn Japanese and get to know other overseas students.