Tuition Fees

Tuition, Enrollment, and Registration Fees for 2024 Academic Year

Fees (in Japanese Yen) Application Fee Combined Enrollment and Registration Fee Annual Tuition Fee
Osaka Prefectural Citizens and Their Children Others
Undergraduate Degree Student 30,000 282,000 382,000 535,800*
Graduate Degree Student 30,000 282,000 382,000 535,800
Law School Student 30,000 282,000 382,000 804,000
Research Student 9,800 84,600 114,600 29,700/month

*An additional 92,500 is charged to undergraduate students in the School of Veterinary Science for facilities and training.


Degree-seeking students: Tuition is divided into two payments for each semester. Installment payments are not allowed. The appropriate amount will be deducted from your designated bank account on May 27 for the first semester and on October 27 for the second semester.

Research students: You must transfer the amount equivalent to six months. Installment payments are not accepted. The deadline for payment is April 25 for the first six months and October 25 for the next six months.

・If the debit date falls on a holiday of the relevant financial institution, tuition will be debited on the next business day.
・We will not send any individual notice before a debit from your account. A relevant notice will be posted on our website, our student web portal (UNIPA), and bulletin boards across each campus.
・If automatic debit from your account is not possible, you must transfer the amount to us.
・In the event of non-payment, the student may be expelled from school.
・Tuition is exempted for Japanese Government Scholarship students and exchange students based on the academic ・exchange agreement between OMU and their home universities.
・The amounts and payment methods are among items that are subject to change.

For details on tuition reductions and scholarships offered by the university, please refer to the Financial Aid and Scholarships page on the Osaka Metropolitan University website.

Financial Aid and Scholarships (Osaka Metropolitan University website)

Registration of Your Debit Account (Not applicable to research students)

Register the financial institution account from which your tuition and other fees will be debited. Please use your computer, smartphone, or similar method to register.

Annual schedule for the online account registration period (planned)

FY2024 Online account registration period Target
April 1 (Mon.) – April 30 (Tue.) All current students
(new registrations and changes)
June 1 (Sat.) – June 30 (Sun.)
July 1 (Mon.) – July 31 (Wed.)
September 1 (Sun.) – September 30 (Mon.)
November 1 (Fri.) – November 30 (Sat.)
Announcement: Online Registration of a Bank Account for Automatic Payment of Tuition and Other Fees (132.4KB)

・You can carry out the procedure only during the registration period.・During the registration procedure, you will go from our website to your designated financial institution’s website.

[K-front Web page]

Enrollment and Registration Fees

The enrollment and registration fees must be transferred by the date of the enrollment procedure.

To qualify for the special rate for Osaka Prefecture residents, one of the following conditions must be met:
・the student has been living in Osaka Prefecture consecutively for at least 1 year prior to the day of university entrance; OR
・the student is in the same family register as a parent who has lived in Osaka Prefecture consecutively for at least 1 year prior to the day of university entrance.


Student Affairs Division
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