Important Notices

Jun 8, 2023

Regarding classes from June 9 to 13

 Attn: Students

Osaka Metropolitan University/ Osaka Prefecture University/ Osaka City University

Director, Academic Affairs Division

Due to a forecasted typhoon and other severe weather conditions, warning-level heavy rain is expected from tomorrow onward, and there is a possibility that transportation companies will announce planned service cancellations.

The class cancellation policies are as follows;

Even in the event that classes are not cancelled, please do not attempt to come to the university if transportation is cancelled in your area of residence or commuting routes, or if an evacuation order (advisory: alert level 4 or higher) is issued.

If you are absent from class due to any of the above reasons, please submit a notice of absence to the class instructor at a later date and request educational considerations (assignments, make-up classes, provision of materials, etc.).

If the weather conditions meet the requirements for class cancellation as of 7:00 a.m., OMU will not send any particular notice to students.