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Nov 24, 2022

OMU pays courtesy visits to Vietnamese partner universities, Japan Embassy in Hanoi, and JICA Vietnam Office

On November 14 and 15, 2022, OMU Vice President Makoto Tsubota and his delegation visited Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU), the University of Transport and Communications (UTC), the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam, and the JICA Vietnam Office in Hanoi, Vietnam.

November 14, 2022

■VNU University of Science (VNU-HUS)

VNU is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Vietnam; it is divided by field of study into eight member universities, one of which is VNU-HUS. Accompanying Vice President Tsubota and his delegation at VNU-HUS was Professor Yasuaki Maeda, an OMU guest researcher, upon whom the VNU-HUS Faculty of Environmental Science bestowed an honorary doctorate. While conducting joint research, Professor Maeda has been delivering lectures on environmental science at VNU for about 5 years. During the visit, Professor Maeda introduced the OMU team to the VNU Key Laboratory for Bio-Energy Development (the so-called “biomass center”), where the joint research has been carried out. After a briefing about the center’s experimental equipment, the team engaged in further discussion with Professor Luu Van Boi, who is the center’s research lead, and Associate Professor Nguyen Minh Ngoc, Dean of the VNU-HUS Faculty of Chemistry.

Professor Luu (left) introducing the biomass center to Vice President Tsubota (right)

VNU-HUS electronic bulletin board welcoming OMU

The team then met with VNU-HUS Vice Rector Le Thanh Son at the university’s main building, where they discussed the current state of university education in Vietnam and Japan and acceptance of international students and researchers, among other issues.

VNU-HUS Vice Rector Le (right) presenting a gift to Vice President Tsubota

OMU visiting VNU-HUS

■University of Transport and Communications (UTC)

UTC is an important research and development base for study and training in the field of transportation and communication. During their visit at UTC, the OMU delegation spoke with UTC Vice President Le Hoai Duc and Associate Professor Tran Ngoc Hien, Dean of the UTC Mechanical Engineering Faculty. The team then joined Associate Professor Vu Van Tan for a visit to a workshop where students get hands-on training in vehicle repair. Professor Vu has been conducting joint research on autonomous driving with the OMU Graduate School of Engineering.

Vice President Tsubota discussing with UTC Vice President Le (right)

Professor Vu (right) explaining the vehicle repair workshop

November 15, 2022

■Embassy of Japan in Vietnam

The OMU delegation met with the embassy member in charge of public relations, cultural exchange, and education.

■JICA Vietnam Office

The OMU delegation spoke with JICA Vietnam Office Chief Representative Akira Shimizu and other JICA members about their projects in Vietnam and the potential for strengthening JICA-OMU cooperation.

From left to right: Professor Maeda, Vice President Tsubota, and JICA Vietnam Office Chief Representative Shimizu

Visiting the organizations in Hanoi offered the OMU delegation a great opportunity to experience the atmosphere of this fast-growing region of Vietnam as well as witness a part of its academic and research capabilities, which have been dramatically improving in recent years. OMU expressed its sincerest gratitude to all collaboration partners for their warm hospitality. As next year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam, OMU will continue its efforts to further strengthen its relationships and collaborations in Vietnam.


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