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Sep 28, 2022

Visit from Bangladesh Agricultural University visiting researcher

On September 15, 2022, Associate Professor Munmun Pervin, from Bangladesh Agricultural University, met with Vice President Toshiyuki Matsui to discuss her current research while visiting OMU. Professor Pervin was accompanied by her supervisor for the visit, Professor Mitsuru Kuwamura, from the OMU Graduate School of Veterinary Science.


Professor Kuwamura (left), with Professor Pervin (right)

Professor Pervin—who received her PhD from Osaka Prefecture University in 2018—returned to OMU, to work with Professor Kuwamura. During this trip she used her time to do research, testing samples using specialized equipment not available in Bangladesh.


From left to right: Professors Kuwamura and Pervin, speaking with Vice President Matsui

Professor Pervin’s meeting Vice President Matsui was to continue the academic partnership between Bangladesh Agricultural University and OMU, which is closely tied to the Graduate School of Veterinary Science. During the meeting the participants discussed the importance of international training for veterinary students, learning that for many students in Bangladesh their first choice is Japan.

“For veterinary science Japan is number one, followed by Germany, the UK, and now Australia,” said Professor Pervin. “Many of the Bangladesh Agricultural University faculty members have studied in Japan. I think our staff hold at least one-hundred PhDs from Japan and at least ten of them—so far—are from the OMU Graduate School of Veterinary Science.”

Following the visit, Professor Pervin plans to continue her work in veterinary pathology and hopes to have more opportunities to visit—and collaborate with—OMU in the future.


From left to right: Vice President Matsui, Professor Pervin, and Professor Kuwamura


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