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Sep 6, 2022

Sakura Science researchers visit Graduate School of Agriculture

On September 1, 2022, Dean Haruhiko Horino and Associate Professor Atsushi Okazawa, from the Graduate School of Agriculture, met with five members of the Sakura Science program from the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Biology. The meeting was part of Sakura Science’s courtesy visit to the OMU Graduate School of Agriculture.

Japan Science and Technology Agency Sakura Science program helps young researchers travel to Japan, to learn and observe advances in research techniques and technology. Associate Professor Yungeree Oyunbileg, from the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Biology—on her second visit to Japan—led the other researchers, who had not traveled to Japan before.


From left to right: Professor Okazawa, Dean Horino, and Professor Oyunbileg, with Sakura Science researchers.

The meeting began with introductions and a discussion of the weather, which quickly turned to the differences in agriculture between Japan and Mongolia. The researchers from the Mongolian Academy of Sciences discussed their work in plant biotechnology, with an emphasis on studying, preserving, and cultivating rare and unique plants found in Mongolia.

“These young researchers are early in their careers and want to learn new techniques. This trip also allows scientific exchange, understanding of global issues, and gives them a greater perspective,” explained Professor Oyunbileg. “We want to establish advanced science, for our lab and for Mongolia, because currently it is not in common use.” 

Following the meeting Professor Okazawa led the Sakura Science researchers on a lab tour and demonstrated a machine used for high-performance liquid chromatography. During their stay the Sakura Science researchers will be learning to use and analyze high-performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography, which they plan to apply to the study of Mongolian plant metabolites. 

This meeting was the latest in the ongoing partnership between OMU and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Biology.


Professor Okazawa explains the high-performance liquid chromatography equipment.

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