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Jul 27, 2022

OMU pays courtesy visit to VinUni, Vinmec, and Hanoi Medical University

From July 17-19, Professor Norifumi Kawada, Dean of the OMU School and Graduate School of Medicine, and Dr. Le Thi Thanh Thuy, Specially Appointed Lecturer in the OMU Department of Hepatology, paid a courtesy visit to Vin University (VinUni) and the Vinmec Healthcare System (Vinmec). This visit was conducted in response to the signing of an academic exchange agreement between OMU, Vinmec, and VinUni, and the acceptance of four privately financed international students to the OMU Graduate School of Medicine. Dean Kawada and his staff met with Professor Maurizio Trevisan, Dean of the VinUni College of Health Sciences, and Ms. Le Thuy Anh, Vinmec Chief Executive Officer, and had an active discussion on promoting future academic exchange.


Dean Kawada met with Dean Trevisan and other VinUni members at VinUni.


Dean Kawada met with Ms. Le Thuy Anh and others at Vinmec.

In addition, a ceremony was held to award Dean Kawada the title of Professor Emeritus (the title was awarded in 2020) at Hanoi Medical University, an OMU partner in Hanoi. During the ceremony, Hanoi Medical University President Ta Thanh Van presented Dean Kawada with a certificate of his Professor Emeritus title. OMU has established an office at Hanoi Medical University that is expected to further promote education and research collaboration between the two universities.



Ceremony for the title of Professor Emeritus for Dean Kawada,
with President Ta and others at Hanoi Medical University

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