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Jan 24, 2023

OMU international students learn about local community in mini-workshop

On December 16, 2022, four OMU students from China visited Tanagawa Elementary School in Misaki Town. This was the sixth exchange between these international students and the third graders since May this year. During this exchange, the international students gave a mini-workshop on the history of China and Japan, and also had a hands-on archaeological experience using excavation kits.

In the workshop, the international students presented what they had learned through previous exchanges, during their visit to Kozenji Temple with the school children and the school’s art festival where the children performed a play, which touched on the history of Japan and China. The exchange proved to be a meaningful experience for the international students, while the elementary school children had a good opportunity to experience a new culture.

International students’ presentation at the workshop

International students help schoolchildren during the workshop

The exchange was a part of a collaborative project between Osaka Metropolitan University and the local government of Misaki Town. Over the past ten years, various exchange programs have been conducted for international students and local residents by the former Osaka Prefecture University and Misaki Town.

For the 2022 academic year, aiming of creating a long-lasting educational connection, the program offered OMU international students’ multiple opportunities to interact with students of Tanagawa Elementary School.

On October 1, international students participated in a Sports day at Tanagawa Elementary School and took part in events with children, parents, and local residents. On October 15, at the "Welfare & Tanagawa Elementary School Festa", international students participated in a “Cross World Quiz” booth and interacted with visitors through quizzes related to their home countries.

On November 11, international students attended the school’s art festival and watched a play, in which a group of international students—played by school children—traveled through time and space in the town of Misaki.

Sports day at Tanagawa Elementary School

Sports day at Tanagawa Elementary School

Welfare & Tanagawa Elementary School Festa

Welfare & Tanagawa Elementary School Festa

Scene from the school’s art festival


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