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Aug 9, 2023

World Bank Project: OMU hosts a delegation from the Royal University of Phnom Penh for training

Osaka Metropolitan University and the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) have concluded a partnership agreement to jointly implement the World Bank's WB-Higher Education Improvement Project (HEIP), which aims to reform education at Cambodia's leading university.

As part of the project, six young faculty members from the RUPP Faculty of Engineering were invited to OMU for training to improve the faculty members' knowledge in research leadership and syllabus design from May 14 to May 27, 2023. They were divided into two groups: Data Science team and Telecommunication & Electronic Engineering team with faculty members from the Graduate School of Informatics, and Food Technology team with faculty members from the Graduate School of Human Life and Ecology.

Group photo

During the training, the group visited mainly the Nakamozu and Habikino campuses, as well as Sugimoto and Rinku campuses, where they toured laboratories, discussed curriculum and syllabi, and advised students. They also visited Osaka Metropolitan University College of Technology (hereafter referred to as "OMU College of Technology"), with which this project collaborates, to exchange views with faculty members and give a lecture to students.

In addition to this short-term training, three of the faculty members from RUPP are currently enrolled in the OMU Graduate School of Informatics and Graduate School of Veterinary Science and engaged in research activities toward obtaining their degrees. The project will continue to hold workshops in Cambodia in the future.

Report of RUPP staff training project

1. Orientation

On May 15 and 16, RUPP staff had an orientation and discussions about the curriculum and syllabus. During a campus tour, they visited the R&D Center for the Plant Factory (PFC).

R&D Center for the Plant Factory

2. Data Science team and Telecommunication & Electronic Engineering team

The training for the four members of the Data Science team and Telecommunication & Electronic Engineering team was planned and coordinated by Professor Hideki Tode of the Graduate School of Informatics. Together with faculty members of the Graduate School of Informatics, they were introduced to the syllabus of each categorized subject group and exchanged ideas with each other. They also visited the corresponding laboratories on the Nakamozu and Sugimoto campuses, to learn more about the latest research and laboratory activities.

For instance, during a visit to the Intelligent Networking Laboratory, the delegation was introduced to a communication delay guarantee technology for wireless LANs in smart factories and a computer simulation technique for performance evaluation, a targeted attack on a company and its defense technology in network security-related topics. After that, they had a fruitful discussion.

A visit to the Intellectual Networking Laboratory

3. Food Technology team

Programs for the Food Technology team were conducted at the Habikino and Rinku campuses led by Professor Shigeo Takenaka of the Graduate School of Human Life and Ecology. After lectures from faculty members in charge of related subjects at the respective campuses, the delegation from RUPP taught food processing science experiments to third-year students and a biochemistry experiment to second-year students.

In the food processing experiment, Cambodian food (Khmer cuisine) was presented, and this was a great opportunity for participants to point out the differences in food culture between Cambodia and Japan, as well as the differences between the RUPP and OMU educational systems. For instance, the difference between Japanese textbooks, which are written in Japanese and Cambodian textbooks which are written in English.

Biochemistry experiments

Food processing experiments

4. Courtesy Visit to the President

On May 19, the delegation paid a courtesy visit to OMU President Masahiro Tatsumisago. Here, they shared some of their findings such as the differences between RUPP and OMU in terms of curriculum and syllabus, and expressed their aspirations to apply what they learned during the two-week program, to RUPP's educational reform.

Group photo

Dr. Chhoeum Vantha and President Tatsumisago

5. A visit to Osaka Metropolitan University College of Technology

The WB-Higher Education Improvement project is also collaborating with the OMU College of Technology, and on May 23, all six members visited the campus. They had a lively discussion with Principal Kenji Higashi, Professor Tomoharu Doi (Intelligent Informatics Course, OMU College of Technology) and other faculty members, and the RUPP delegation gave a lecture to the students.

The Japanese "KOSEN" system and the college’s system for training engineers with a DX mindset were introduced, and the fourth-year students demonstrated the "robot arm" they had built in their basic research class. Additionally, the second-year students got the chance to learn more about life in Cambodia, specifically high school education and the Royal University of Phnom Penh.

To show their gratitude for the lecture, members of the tea ceremony club entertained everyone with a tea ceremony.

Osaka Metropolitan University College of Technology (Japanese text)

Group photo


6. Company tours and museum visits

As part of the training program, the delegation visited Suntory Kyoto Brewery on May 24, where they experienced the latest manufacturing and production process of beer.

Additionally, through the courtesy of Mr. Kizaemon Tsukamoto, an alumnus of Osaka City University Faculty of Economics, the group visited the Nishijin Textile Asagi Museum and the former residence of garden designer, Mirei Shigemori, giving them an opportunity to experience alternative Japanese culture.

Factory tour

Museum tour

Related Information

HEIP Project This project (April 2021 - December 2024) is a joint implementation of the World Bank’s WB-Higher Education Improvement Project, between the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) and Osaka Metropolitan University (Osaka Prefecture University at the time of conclusion of the agreement). The aim of the project, funded by the World Bank and implemented by RUPP and OMU, is to reform the education system at a leading university in Cambodia.

The initiative is aimed at realizing educational curriculum reforms in the three fields of "Telecommunications," "IT engineering," and "Bioengineering" in RUPP's School of Engineering, and is currently in progress, including a doctoral degree for young RUPP faculty members at OMU, workshops for local faculty members, and training at OMU.

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