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Apr 22, 2024

OMU’s latest English-language online Lecture Series shines light on fluorescence-guided surgery

Development and Applications of Fluorescence-guided Surgery: Professor Takeaki Ishizawa, Graduate School of Medicine

Osaka Metropolitan University’s online Lecture Series brings together outstanding OMU researchers and lecturers who are dedicated to using English to introduce and disseminate their research findings to the world.

As Japan’s third largest public university, OMU aims to foster a culture of sharing knowledge beyond the university campus.

The Lecture Series features a broad array of topics, with each episode in the series delving into up-to-date and inspiring OMU-led studies. Watch and listen to our faculty explain innovative research methods as they share their insights into the opportunities and challenges in their field.

A new lecture is now available on OMU’s official English website and on YouTube.


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